Security and Protection


All our services are protected behind firewalls, with the minimum number of ports open as possible for incoming and outgoing traffic. We take the approach that access is a privilege and not a right. This means that our systems are constantly monitoring the traffic behaviour, and if a particular connection is triggering a high number of failed logins, or poking in areas of sites that is not expected then the access gets blocked before hopefully any damage can occur.

We also give our customers the ability to check our firewalls to see if an IP is blocked, get the reason why the IP has been blocked, and to unblock it if required. This means that not only are your services protected, but you can quickly resolve the issue if you end up getting yourself blocked for any reason.

We know many providers have firewalls, but we are one of the few that give you the ability to easily check and unblock IPs if you determine it is safe to do so.

Email Protection

All emails sent and received through our servers pass through multiple filters to ensure that as much spam and malicious emails are filtered before reaching their destination. Many providers only filter the incoming email, we also filter the outgoing email to protect you and ourselves in the event that your account is ever used to send out spam or phishing email.

Incoming Protection

When an incoming email arrives our servers first check the email validates against the popular verification techniques such has making sure the sender verifies against its SPF record, and that the DKIM and DMARC are valid. We then check the mail against a number of the worlds largest blacklists to ensure that the sender, and the mail server attempting to deliver the email is not listed. If the email passes it is then checked using the internal mail filters which use bayesian techniques using its own built in database and also external databases from a number of other providers to ensure that they are aware of new techniques and emails asap.

Outgoing Protection

In 2014 when we first implemented Outgoing mail filtering people were unsure what use it could be. Within the first few days the benefit became obvious, the systems were blocking emails from compromised accounts, allowing legitimate emails through which had all the relevant validation techniques in place to minimise the chance of any sent emails ending up in the destinations Junk Mail folder. This also dramatically reduced the frequency of IPs being blacklisted which would then prevent almost all emails from being able to be sent out.

When an email is sent out via one of our servers it is first scanned by our Internal filters, it is then DKIM signed (if enabled) and then passed to one of our outgoing filtering partners, either Mailbaby or MailChannels, who will scan the email and pass it on to the destination to be delivered. If your domains DNS is with us as standard we automatically configure SPF record, enable DKIM, and have DMARC in place to ensure that every effort for an email to be successfully delivered and not be blocked or filtered.

What Our Clients Say

An excellent combo of super fast hosting and very reasonable prices - which are probably the two most important things to look for in a host.

Paul Lambden, via

Thank you so very much I really don't know how to thank you enough. Site been with Fyrewire for 9 years, originally with a web designer, but Fyrewire took control when the designer vanished.

Jane Crossett, via Email

Has hosted website and email for over a decade. Our business has been able to get quick support anytime we have needed it.

Blake Hobbs, via Email