Data Centres

When it comes to Data Centres we have access to over 20 facilities around the world. Almost all of these are available to our customers to spin up Cloud servers within minutes. This means that you can have a Cloud Server in the perfect location to ensure local users get the best response times possible. If you use our Shared Hosting plans, the servers are based in the UK with direct connections to LINX.

Our Shared hosting servers based in Maidenhead in the Pulsant facility (UK1). This provides direct connectivity to London, the internet hub of the UK, by utilising a diverse array of dark fiber. The Data Centre is manned 24x4, has diverse network connectivity, UPS & Generator backup, and Very early smoke detection system with Inergen and FM200 fire suppression. Our DNS servers are strategically spread out Geographically between the Midlands and abroad in Luxembourg to ensure that there is no single point of failure.

For our Cloud Servers you can spin up a server within minutes in 20 of the locations around the world. This means you have the choice of developing on a server closest to you, and then deploying on a server closest to your customer-base. The peering and routing agreements are continuously optimised in all regions to that every machine has access to a low latency, high performance network regardless to where they are deployed.

For all our Data Centre and server locations we leverage multiple transit providers to maximise the network reliability with the use of multi-homed architecture.

What Our Clients Say

An excellent combo of super fast hosting and very reasonable prices - which are probably the two most important things to look for in a host.

Paul Lambden, via

Thank you so very much I really don't know how to thank you enough. Site been with Fyrewire for 9 years, originally with a web designer, but Fyrewire took control when the designer vanished.

Jane Crossett, via Email

Has hosted website and email for over a decade. Our business has been able to get quick support anytime we have needed it.

Blake Hobbs, via Email