Social Media Presence

Social Media has transformed the way users behave online, and created a unique channel for brands to connect with consumers. As a social media campaign gathers momentum, it can enhance brand reputation and deliver significant results. But nothing can be left to chance.


Our team of dedicated, experienced social media specialists work with our digital marketing strategists to devise bespoke social media campaigns based on each client's specific aims and business objectives. This includes:

Strategy and Consultancy

Our strategists develop a social media roadmap based on your brand, business and audience insight.

Conversation Monitoring

Using sophisticated listening tools, we are able to gain unique insights into what people are saying about your brand, and where they are saying it.


Using Social Networks, blogs and forums, we help to shape popular opinion about your products and services. We talk with your target audience in a relevant tone to establish you as a peer, as well as a brand.

Content creation and Distribution

Our social media experts work with our in-house creative teams to produce compelling content, maximising reach and audience engagement.

Social Media on a budget

We at Fyrewire are uniquely placed to offer Social Media solutions at very competitive prices with our contacts with a number of major social networks and blogs. We understand that not every organisation needs or wants a presence on every single social network.

Free up your time

Tried establishing your own Social Media Presence, or had any employee do it for you? If so, then you will have realised at how much time it can use up easily. Before you realise it, communicating with a number of audience members about your brand or products and hours can be used up, which could of been important for meetings, developing products, or selling to customers through other routes.

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