Hosting Migration

Free Hosting Migration

We know that the hardest part of changing hosting provider is moving your site. Its the main reason many people stay with hosting providers that are not meeting their expectations. That is why we aim to take that pain away and perform the migrations for you where possible.

You can simply raise a ticket with us once you've purchased a hosting package with us and we can then assess the migration request and in many cases the migration will be FREE! For free migrations the original hosting typically needs to be running cPanel or DirectAdmin, but we can also migrate from some other providers for free too. Unsure of what your current hosting provider uses? That's no problem, it is why we assess the existing hosting and site before migration!

What are benefits of Fyrewire performing the migration?

Wondering whether you should migrate your existing services over to us yourself, or request us to move them for you? Here are a few benefits from getting us to do it for you.

  • Saves time - We're used to performing many migrations, along with us being able to directly connect via our servers to your existing hosting every step of the process is turbo charged.
  • Peace of mind - We assess your existing site and services before migration to ensure the migration takes place as smoothly as possible. You just need to make sure your site has no errors or issues before requesting the migration.
  • Excellent Value - Who can argue that free is not excellent value? Even the paid for migration is excellent value at £10 as how much would it cost you time wise to perform the migration? Some of our customers says that our £10 migration saves them £30-£40 of their time.
  • It just works - Our migrations are done in a way so that it should be seamless as possible, with any potentially business disruptive such as email work being performed out of hours. So customers and staff do not notice any change.

What are the steps?

The steps are straight forward, and aimed to get your services up and running with us ASAP.

  1. Purchase a hosting package with us.
  2. Complete the migration form so that we can assess your existing site and services so we can confirm that migration is possible and your new package is suitable. Any potential issue or additional costs we will warn you, before we do any work.
  3. Once agreed we will complete the migration to the hosting with us, if we have access to DNS or NameServers for the domain, we will also update them.
The timescale of the migration can depend on the size of your existing package, but we normally aim to complete the process within a few hours unless we identify it has a particularly large or complex configuration.

What are the restrictions and potential causes for paid migration?

95% of the migrations we're requested to do are covered by the free migration. The rest either qualify for a paid-for migration, or the existing site a been built using one of the online "website builder" services where it is not possible to move the existing site away from them.

  • Sites from servers running DirectAdmin or cPanel are free of charge, if a site is not running on one of these, depending on the complexity of the work, these are often free, but may be subject to a paid migration of £10 per site.
  • The new hosting package must be of suitable size/specification to support the incoming services. If we identify it unsuitable during the assessment, you will need to pay to upgrade to a suitable package.
  • Migrations in to our Reseller Hosting packages, for free migrations from DirectAdmin / cPanel packages we will migrate the first 20 sites for free, any further sites would be £10 per site. However, this will be free if you upload valid DirectAdmin or cPanel backup files to your primary sites hosting space.
  • Migrations in to our Reseller Hosting packages from other reseller packages not running DirectAdmin or cPanel, we will migrate your primary site files for free, any migration of additional sites will be £10 per site, and we would not migrate reseller settings such as 'packages', etc.
  • We won't combine or merge hosting packages or accounts, only exception is a previously separate hosting package being moved into being a site as part of a reseller package where it'll still have it own login credentials, etc.
  • Email should be POP3 or IMAP. We can migrate site and keep your emails with their existing service if use services such as Microsoft Office365 or Google Workspace.
  • If you use website builder service such as Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, etc. Then we would be unable to migrate your existing website to us due to them using their own proprietary builders and restricted access to the files generated for the websites.

What about Server migrations?

Migrations from VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated servers to our Cloud and Dedicated servers are also available. Due to the variety of services and process that can be ran on a server you will need to contact us to discuss the work required so that we can provide appropriate pricing.

What Our Clients Say

An excellent combo of super fast hosting and very reasonable prices - which are probably the two most important things to look for in a host.

Paul Lambden, via

Thank you so very much I really don't know how to thank you enough. Site been with Fyrewire for 9 years, originally with a web designer, but Fyrewire took control when the designer vanished.

Jane Crossett, via Email

Has hosted website and email for over a decade. Our business has been able to get quick support anytime we have needed it.

Blake Hobbs, via Email