How many people are visiting my website?

This is one of those things we're all interested in, although many of us won't admit to it (kind of like Googling your own name). At Fyrewire, we say Be Proud Of It. Your website represents your hobby, or your business - you deserve to know how many people are loving it, visiting it, and enjoying it. And you should also know which countries they come from, what pages they like the most, and which search engines they use to get there.

(And yes - we Google our own names at Fyrewire...)

Website statistics are easily viewable through your cPanel. Simply log into your cPanel and locate the 'Logs'group of icons. On the right hand side, locate the icon labelled 'AwStats'.

AwStats is a website program that interprets the raw access logs that are kept in your account (you can also access those raw logs through cPanel if you like - but it's a much harder to digest - like taking a football-sized aspirin without a glass of water).

Once the next screen loads, click on the magnifying glass next to the domain name you wish to analyze. AwStats will produce a wealth of information about people who have accessed your website and historical logs. It is pretty easy to interpret what you're looking at - so go have a look!

You'll either be very glad, or very sorry that you did.

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