Do your servers support MYSQL?

Yes. All our servers are Linux based and include stable versions of MYSQL. When you purchase hosting, simply make sure you pick one which MySQL enabled.

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Do you make regular backups of your servers?

Yes we backup all accounts setup on our servers. In case of a server crash or data corruption...

Do you allow Adult websites?

No. Adult sites or any site referencing adult pornography is not allowed on our servers.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer true 24x7 email technical support to all our customers, so you can be assured there is...

Can I host an ecommerce site on your servers?

All of our webhosting accounts support eCommerce sites. Our control panels on Linux servers also...

Why was my order blocked or marked as fraud?

In order to narrow down the possibilities of fraudulous orders, we use an online fraud protection...

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