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What is Redemption Grace Period and how to get a Domain Name back from it Print

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Once a domain name is deleted, the domain name (excluding a .UK, .WS and .NAME domain name) would slip into the Redemption Period ONLY under the following circumstances:

  • manual deletion of domain name by contacting the registrar
  • System deletion of domain name post Expiry of the Renewal Grace Period and the domain name does not have any backorder against it.

In all other cases, a deleted domain name cannot be Renewed/Restored/Redeemed.

Redeeming a domain name is costly, time consuming and generally a manual process. The Redemption Period is of 30* days (for most domain name extensions) after the domain name is deleted and during this period, only the current Registrar of the domain name can Redeem the domain name.

If the domain name is not Redeemed during this period, then it would move to the Pending Delete period for 5 days. In this status, the domain name can not be Redeemed and after this period, the domain name would be available for fresh Registration.


* The Redemption Grace Period is different for some domain name extensions as stated below:

  • The Redemption Period for a .EU domain name is 40 days. Moreover, the .EU Registry does not have a Pending Delete period. The domain name will be available for fresh Registration after 40 days from the date of Deletion.
  • Any website/emails associated with a .UK domain name will stop resolving once the domain name Expires.

    You may Renew your .UK domain name anytime from 6 months before its Expiry, upto 97 days after its Expiry. If you do not Renew your .UK domain name within 97 days after its Expiry, it would be automatically Deleted by the Registry.

    It is important to note that there is no concept of a Redemption Grace Period in case of a .UK domain name.
  • Third Level .COM/.NET/.ORG domain names under the extensions -


    will have a Redemption Grace Period of 45 days.
  • A .WS domain name will not be placed under Redemption Grace Period by the Registry upon Deletion. It will be made available for fresh Registration post Deletion. Hence, there is no possibility of Redeeming a .WS domain name.
  • A .NAME domain name will not be placed under Redemption Grace Period by the Registry upon Deletion. It will be made available for fresh Registration post a Pending Delete period of 5 days, during which the domain name cannot be Redeemed.

To restore any Domain Name in Redemption Grace Period (Pending Delete Restorable Status) contact Fyrewire Billing team Immediatly.

Please note: that Redemption of a domain name is a lengthy process and hence it would take XDnet upto 7 working days to Redeem a domain name.


  • A Restoration action, once completed, cannot be reversed. The only option would be deleting the domain name, in case the same is no longer required. Click here to know how a domain name can be deleted >>
  • Redemption of a domain name** (only after deletion by registrars post Expiry of the Renewal Grace Period) includes 1 year Renewal.
  • ** Redemption of a .EU domain name will always include one year Renewal. However, Renewal will extend the term from the date on which the domain name is Redeemed and not from the Expiry date existing when the domain name was deleted.

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