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Complete Redesign, updated packages & Affiliate Scheme!

  • Thursday, 1st September, 2011
  • 21:54pm

At Fyrewire towers we have been very busy recently. Have have completely redesigned our site from the ground up. So it is now easier to use, and involves less steps to make any purchase or lookup. Not only that, we have also streamlined our packages.

This means that all the packages have new features, and capabilities, but also choosing the package you want or need has now never been easier. We have also relaunched our SEO packages, but now have a Social Media Presence service, so you can make use of our Social Media experts to get your business on all the largest social media networks in the world.

Finally don't forget our Affiliate scheme. Any customer you get to sign up with us, you get 25% of any fees or renewals they pay, for the life of the package they purchase. This means that if you have someone sign up with your affiliate link and purchase the Gold package, you get £2.50 every month they are with us. We believe this is an excellent scheme to reward our customers for spreading the word about us, and to share in the success.

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