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Upgraded Hosting Packages

  • Sunday, 15th March, 2009
  • 21:35pm

We have important news and information for all Fyrewire Hosting customers. All our standard hosting packages have been revamped with increased storage and Bandwidth requirements. So what do you need to do in order to take advantage of this? The answer is nothing! we have upgraded all existing accounts for nothing, so you can take advantage of the increased storage and bandwidth straight away. Below is chart so you can see what you have gained for no extra cash.

Old Storage New Storage Old Bandwidth New Bandwidth
Bronze 250Meg 1000Meg 2Gb 7Gb
BronzeXS 250Meg 1000Meg 2Gb 10Gb
Silver 500Meg 2000Meg 5Gb 17Gb
SilverXS 500Meg 2000Meg 5Gb 20Gb
Gold 2000Meg 5000Meg 50Gb 50Gb
GoldXS 5000Meg 7000Meg 60Gb 60Gb
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