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Our servers are hosted in the UK, essential if you want to appear in UK search engine results.

We offer cPanel control panel with shared linux hosting packages which has all the useful resources necessary for creation and maintenance of your website pages. cPanel is one of the best website management tools in the web hosting industry.


All of our cPanel hosting plans are packed with industry leading features such as:

cPanelLook no further! We offer everything you need to get your cPanel website online with unlimited domains, webmail, 24x7 uninterrupted customer support, exceptional uptime and reliable servers.

Competitive Prices
One of the most important decision breakers in one's mind - when it comes to choosing the best web hosting provider - is the good price/quality proportion of the offered services. We let you trim down your costs to the maximum, by giving you more than you actually pay for. A combination between high-grade web resources, multiple domain hosting and many extra useful features, such as pre-installed web site scripts, is available to you at a very affordable price.

Technology Partners
We provide one of the highest levels of security and stability thanks to its partnership with the leading hardware manufactures as Cisco Systems, Intel, Kingston, D-Link, Seagate and Software Suppliers as Linux, Apache, Microsoft, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl, etc. We strive to ensure maximum data protection and uptime for our customers' web sites, that's the reason why we have added a specially designed anti-DdoS device to protect our network from unfriendly outer attacks.

Reliable and High Speed Server Network
We strive to provide the most reliable network by utilizing the best equipment. Our enterprise class servers are housed in the Bluesquare datacenter in England, UK, with fully redundant multiple tier one internet backbone providers.

Our servers run dual dual/quad core Intel Xeon CPU's with 4-8 gigs of RAM and raid protected SATA II drives. We exclusively use the Linux operating system since it provides a reliable and robust platform for web hosting environments.

Daily back-up is available to ensure that the hosted data stays safe.

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